A few useful Canary resources

Videos & Webinars

  • Webinar — How Canary Works

    If you want to take a blitz tour, check out this quick, recorded webinar.

  • Video — Setup & Usage

    A demonstration showing just how easy it is to setup a Canary. The Canary is live in under 3 minutes!

  • Video — Canary Remote Management

    Learn how to configure the Canary remotely.

  • Video — Canary Enabling Port Scan

    Enable portscan detection on a device.

  • Video — Canary Registration

    Learn how to setup and register a brand new Canary.

  • Video — Canary Decommission

    Decommission a Canary from the console.

  • Video — Canary Decommission 2

    Decommission a Canary to be repurposed.

  • Video — Canary Console Login

    Learn how to log into your Canary Console.

  • Video — Canary API Enable

    Learn how to enable the Canary API.


  • Birding Guide

    This is a quick guide on birding

  • Canary White paper

    Our hypothesis and battle tested methods