A few useful Canary resources

Recorded Webinar

We would be happy to hop onto a GoToMeeting session to show you Canary in action, but if you want to take a blitz tour without us, check out this quick, recorded webinar.


Useful Links

Intro. Videos

A demonstartion showing just how easy it is to setup a Canary. The Canary is live in under 3 minutes!

Why should you be using Canary?

"How do I..." Videos

Learn how to configure the Canary remotely.

Enable portscan detection on a device.

Learn how to setup and register a brand new Canary.

Decommision a Canary from the console.

Decommision a Canary to be repurposed.

Learn how to log into your Canary Console.

Enabling the Canary API.