A few useful Canary resources

Videos & Webinars

  • Latest Webinar

    Tyron and Bradley discuss 'Detect Attackers on Your System Before They Dig In'.

    Recorded 2023, Duration: 47 minutes

  • Webinar — How Canary Works

    If you want to take a blitz tour, check out this quick, recorded webinar.

    Recorded 2017, Duration: 19 minutes

  • Video — Setup & Usage

    A demonstration showing just how easy it is to setup a Canary. The Canary is live in under 3 minutes!

    Recorded 2015, Duration: 2 minutes

  • Webinar — Enterprise Breach Detection

    Haroon and Bradley discuss 'Detect attackers on your systems before they dig in' (including going through some new 3.0 release features).

    Recorded 2021, Duration: 59 minutes

  • Webinar — Enterprise Breach Detection in 52-minutes

    Haroon and Bradley discuss 'Detect attackers on your systems before they dig in'.

    Recorded 2021, Duration: 52 minutes

  • The Canary Tool, Thinkst - Paul's Security Weekly #601

    Haroon chats with the folks at Paul's Security Weekly about why hackers should create companies, and some of the technical details behind Canary!

    Recorded 2019, Duration: 66 minutes

  • Virus Bulletin Keynote address: The security products we deserve

    This talk aims to examine several of the dark-patterns that have become perfectly acceptable in infosec and then aims to drill down to their root causes.

    Recorded 2019, Duration: 42 minutes

  • Why Canary?

    Haroon discusses why the world's best security teams run Thinkst Canary and why you should too.

    Recorded 2022, Duration: 20 minutes

  • Canary Demo

    Bradley discusses how to deploy Canarytokens and Canary honeypots on your networks.

    Recorded 2022, Duration: 29 minutes


  • Birding Guide

    This is a quick guide on birding

  • Canary White paper

    Our hypothesis and battle tested methods

  • Canary DNS Communication

    An overview of our communication channel

  • Communications and Cryptography

    An explanation of the communication and encryption used within the Canary protocol

  • Canary Data Sheet

    Brief Canary description and specifications